Dipping impregnation equipment

This equipment is used for the impregnating wood using a dipping method.

The requisite equipment comprises:

  • an interior functional tub
  • an exterior collecting tank
  • a supporting frame
  • a thrust frame

These devices are designed to enable the impregnating of bundles of wood with dimensions of 1.2 × 1.2 m of diff erent lengths. However, we have already made equipment of a non-standard size so that everything depends on customer requirements. As an accessory the device can be equipped with a roof, electric heating, etc. Its control can either be manual, using a hydraulic lever rack, or it can be automatic.

Functional description

The bundles of wood are loaded onto the support frame. Then the bundles are pressed, using a thrust frame. This ensures that the wood does not fl oat in the tank. Subsequently the wood descends into the tank in which it is completely fl oded and it is then that the actual impregnation takes place. After some time the wood retracts into an upper position and the thrust frame is released. Finally, the wood is allowed to drain and then it is removed. The diff erence between manual and automatic control is that after loading the wood on to the supporting frame the hydraulic system is switched on by pressing a button. Then the entire process works automatically. The period during which the wood stays in the tank is ensured for the automatic system by means of a timing relay and after this time-period expires the wood is automatically retracted into the upper position. For the more rapid draining of the wood bundle of it is possible to produce a device that provides a tilt. It works in such a manner that when the wood is exiting the tank the support frame tilts to cca. a 10° position. In this position it is also possible, using the automatic system, to set the length of the waiting period. After the time has expired the wood will again retract back to the upper position.


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