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In nature, grown trees, until they are cut down for use, are living organisms that carry the characteristics of woody plants in their later use. The compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that make up their structure are retained in the products made from the wood, providing a nutrient source for fungi and insects that cause degradation. Water and UV radiation can cause further chemical transformations, resulting in deformation and discolouration of the wood.

Fadoktor Mérnöki Iroda Kft.’s main area of expertise and primary goal is wood protection, which aims to preserve the original structure, stability and colour of wooden material.

We have considerable experience and references in our wide range of specialist activities in the wood industry, in the trade of wood preservatives and surface treatment materials, in the distribution of dipping tanks and wood vacuum-impregnation equipment, and especially in wood preservation projects.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have in regards to wood protection.

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Since 2000, Fadoktor Mérnöki Iroda Kft. and its legal predecessor have been a family business dealing with wood protection, manufacture, distribution and trade of sawmill and further processing industrial products, and especially with the design and construction of playgrounds.


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Dr. László Németh, CEO

Bence György Katona, Leader of Wood Protection

Dávid Major, Leader of Planning

Orsolya Szemenyeiné Bőr, Assistant

E-mail: fadoktor@fadoktor-mi.hu
Tel.: +3699/386-838

Dániel Márton, Trainee of Timberindustrie

E-mail: daniel.marton@fadoktor-mi.hu
Tel.: +3699/386-838



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